RF to Millimiter-wave Instrumentation and Devices

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RF / IF Modules

    High precision I and Q detectors

       (for coherent receivers and instrumentation)

    Buffered/amplified band pass filters

        (IF of millimeter wave instrumentation)

    Narrow band active multipliers (to 2GHz)

        (coherent IF reference generation for mmW systems)

    Second converter modules

        (from high  IF up to 2.5GHz down to 10-250MHz)


Please contact us with your specific requirements.




    Fast sweep VCO drivers - FPGA+DAC

        (swept reflectometry, full band linearized sweeps downto 1us)

    Programmable pulse generators

        (fully programmable pulse generator, 4 cores, 4 output stages)

    Ultra fast synthesizer - FPGA+DDS+PLL (ext. VCO up to 26GHz)

        (10us switching time for any external VCO, freq, hopping instruments)


Please contact us with your specific requirements.



IF module / Total Power radiometer - Intermediate Frequency (IF) module with total power measurement USB interface and data logging capabilities.


Measures total IF power within more than 60dB range with ultra fine resolution (better than 0.001 dB resolution), provides most of the IF gain of the receiver chain, Standard IF of 70MHz or 140MHz with typical 5% bandwidth.

Monitors temperature with 0.01deg resolution with 1 internal sensor and up to 5 external sensors. Has two auxiliary digital control lines. Works under PC control (software included) but may also work standalone (logger mode). Interfaces micro-SD card and USB. Module's API provided for software development.


Targets radiometric measurements as a back-end module, or as an IF of a receiver requiring total power monitoring/measurement.

Suits atmospheric research, propagation studies, total power radio-astronomy and other applications requiring fine resolution radiometric noise measurement.


Rad II product brochure.



IF 2nd converter - Frequency down-converter from an IF in the 0.5 - 3GHz  range down to a lower if in the 10 to 250MHz range. This module specifically cover the needs for the 2nd converter of millimeter-Wave down-converters. It can be used also as a generic downconverter for any other application.


It can be ordered for any IF between 0.5 and 3GHz and converts down to any standard instrumentation IF below 250MHz. Typical application is to connect to a millimeter-wave mixer where an IF below 3GHz is desired and  convert down to a 140MHz standard IF, for radiometry or SDR reception, Includes low noise amplifier, filter, Phase Lock oscillator and output amplifier providing an overall conversion gain of 50dB (can be made for other values). It accepts external 10 or 100MHz reference input.


IF amplifier/band-pass-filter module - To be used as the first IF of a receiver chain, interfacing directly with the microwave or mmW mixer, it provides signal amplification and has a 3rd order bandpass filter.


Why use several parts (amplifiers, filters and attenuators) when a single component will provide all you need at a lower cost.


From stock, or short delivery, 70,140,400MHz with 5,10,20MHz bandwidth and 25 or 30dB gain.

We may easily do any other central frequency, gain or bandwidth. It can be made for any IF frequency (20 to 600MHz) with 5-20% bandwidth, and gains from 20dB to 45dB.
Please contact us with your requirements.




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