RF to Millimiter-wave Instrumentation and Devices

Aveiro - Portugal



About us


LC Technologies is a small company born out of a long background (more than 20 years) developing innovative high tech devices and RF, microwaves and millimeter-wave instrumentation for international projects (EU, UK, Germany, France, Spain and others).


Today, LC Technologies rely on a small but highly motivated team along with well equipped laboratories capable of dealing with the most demanding RF, Microwave and Millimeter-wave technologies. Working areas range from traditional SMD technology to hybrid assemblies involving wirebonding of un-encapsulated devices. In house small CNC machines make prototyping of unique millimeter parts in a fast and reliable way.



Some of our customers:


Philips Research Instituto de telecomunicaƧƵes
Institut Josef Stefan IPFN - IST
European Space Agency ITER Magyc
CIEMAT Active Space Technologies SPIN


Participation in International Research:


. SKA . . SKA .



Background: LC Technologies CEO, L.Cupido, has worked in the RF, microwave and millimeter-wave instrumentation for science research applications in prestigious international laboratories over the last 20 years. He made developments and coordinated projects on parts sub-assemblies or complete scientific instruments for research laboratories and Universities such as Universidade de Aveiro-Portugal, JET(Joint European Torus UK) EU, CIEMAT/Madrid-Spain, Max Plank Institut/IPP-Germany.




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