RF to Millimiter-wave Instrumentation and Devices

Aveiro - Portugal



About us


LC Technologies is a small company born out of a long background (more than 20 years) developing innovative high tech microwave and millimeter-wave instrumentation for international projects (EU, UK, Germany, France, Spain and others).


Today, LC Technologies rely on a small but highly motivated team along with well equipped laboratories capable of dealing with the most demanding RF, Microwave and Millimeter-wave technologies. Technologies range from traditional microelectronics to hybrid assemblies employing bare die devices such as MMIC. In house both manual and CNC machinery make prototyping of unique millimeter parts fast and reliable.



Some of our customers:



Participation in International Research:


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Background: LC Technologies CEO, L.Cupido, has worked in the RF, microwave and millimeter-wave instrumentation for science research applications in prestigious international laboratories over the last 20 years. He made developments and coordinated projects on parts sub-assemblies or complete scientific instruments for several research laboratories and Universities around Europe.




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